Bluetooth Auto-Pair

Bluetooth Auto-Pair Help

Bluetooth Auto-Pair Help


Bluetooth Auto-Pair is a simple application to assist with pairing bluetooth devices with your android-powered smartphone. If you have ever had a situation where a bluetooth device is difficult to pair, or pairs but just does not work, this application can help you. Can’t enter a pin fast enough? Try this.


The basic purpose for this application is to help difficult bluetooth devices pair with your android-powered device.  It doesn’t do much more than that.

The process to follow when attempting to pair a device using this application includes three steps and may vary based on what type of bluetooth device you are trying to pair. These steps and variations are described below:

1.) Finding the bluetooth device.

Power on the bluetooth device and select the “Scan for Devices” button at the bottom of the application.

The application will scan for devices in the bluetooth neighborhood (below left) and, after the bluetooth device has been found, it will be displayed under the “Other Devices” section. (below right)

2.) Enter Bluetooth Device Information

When you touch the desired bluetooth device in the list of devices found, the application will attempt to connect to that device. However, since the device is not yet paired, a connection will not occur. Instead, you should see a dialog to enter information for pairing the selected device (below) unless you have previously entered the information for the device (described later in this post).

3.) Pair The Bluetooth Device
Now select the device from the list again.  This time the bluetooth device should pair and you will see a message to that effect.
Steps Specific to master bluetooth devices.

For master bluetooth devices, you may want to enter the device information beforehand (below left, below right), as well as make the android-powered device discoverable (bottom left, bottom right).  The RFComm service name and service channel may be entered for master bluetooth devices that require specific service names or channels. (This information should be obtained from bluetooth device documentation or manufacturer.)