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Record Schedule is an app to record audio in the background on your device.


The app can record audio continuously, at a specified time, on a schedule, or a recurring period. Recordings can either be stored on the device storage or sent securely to configured email, FTP/FTPS, or HTTP/HTTPS. Audio detection can be used so that recording only occurs when there is sound at a configurable volume threshold. GPS coordinates can be tagged to the audio recordings so that physical location of the recordings can be known. All recording is done in the background and can start automatically once configured so that there is no user interruption. Discreteness can be achieved, if desired. The app settings are pass-code protected and are inaccessible without the pass-code.

Some basic steps to configure the app are described below:

1.) Select The Recording Mode and Times.

Launch the app and enter the passcode. The default passcode is 4444.

Select The record mode (below left) and then, select the start and end dates and times (below middle, below right, bottom left), if using schedule record mode add the item (bottom right), if using recurring record mode, select the recur interval instead of end date (bottom middle).

2.) Configure Settings

Touch the menu button and then select one of the four settings options. The general settings are where you set the authentication passcode to access the app, the label for the service in the notification bar, the start and stop recording volume thresholds for when audio detection is used, the path on the device storage to store the recordings, whether or not to delete the recordings if they are sent to email/ftp/http, and other self explanitory settings.

The email, ftp, and http settings allow you to enable sending of the recorded audio to configurable email server, ftp server or web server (here is a link to php page for a web server to save files)

3.) Turning Recording On or Off and Applying Settings
Recording can be easily turned on or off, retaining all of the settings by using the on/off toggle button (below left). Settings are applied by touching the Apply button (below right right)
Example for configuring to send recordings to a gmail account.

On the Email Settings Screen Set the Following:
check the Email Recordings checkbox
check the Send email in background checkbox
set the SMTP To Email to the email address you want to send to (e.g.
set SMTP server to
check the Use SMTP Authorization checkbox
set SMTP username to Your full Gmail or Google Apps email address (e.g. or
set SMTP password to Your Gmail or Google Apps email password
set SMTP port to 465
check the Use SSL checkbox
press back button and then touch apply button

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