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Brachmann Consulting is dedicated to providing our customers with reliable solutions that maximize efficiency and help reduce computer related stress. We provide access to expert computer consulting services, prompt and complete hardware support, and custom software solutions that integrate seamlessly with your existing systems to enhance current business practices.

About Brachmann Consulting

Brachmann Consulting was recently established as a leading edge software development group. Over the last two decades software has continually evolved. Modern techniques in problem analysis, system design, implementation, deployment and support provide greater benefits and more flexibility and interoperability than older techniques employed by many custom software development companies. Brachmann Consulting implements these modern techniques to advance with the demands of consumers and satisfy the growing constraints of the market. Currently, many organizations across New York State rely on Brachmann Consulting applications to meet the needs of their communities and customers.

Brachmann Consulting prides itself in it's ability to create custom software solutions in order to meet the specific needs of our customers. Our goal is create software which facilitates and enhances current business practices in a reliable and efficient manner.

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Latest News

Mobile Unit Coordinator

Developed a prototype Android and cloud based system to track location and coordinate many mobile units for a variety of purposes. Includes integrated messaging and mobile video deposition capture.

June 22, 2012

Veterinary EMR Project

Research and development phase of a veterinary records management system started.

September 3, 2011

Bluetooth Auto-Pair

Published the Bluetooth Auto-Pair application on the Android Market.

September 3, 2011


My company, Buffalo Orthopaedic Group, has had great sucess using Brachmann Consulting for our EMR solution and hardware support.

Jennifer Lynn, Brachmann Consulting produced a solution that exceeded my expectations. I struggled for months with attempts to create what Brachmann Consulting was able to deliver in a few days.